Make interviewing easier with an E-Interview

No more time consuming phone screens.

Get the interview scheduled right away!

Finding it time consuming to go through all those resumes and applications, especially your entery level positions? 

What is the cost for your time and money to search through resumes, screen candidates and schedule interviews?

We offer a better solution!  Let us make it Simple 2 Hire for you. Get more interviews and fill your positions faster!   

Let us filter through the candidates and get the ones you need scheduled for an interview right away!

Our E-Interview system will screen through your candidates and schedule the ones who pass the E-Interview for a face to face interview with you or your hiring managers, who will receive a calendar invite with the candidates information.  The candidate also receives an invite with information on the interview.

Stop wasting your time calling, leaving messages, waiting for them to call you back, then having to ask all those questions just to schedule that first interview.  

Get the candidates scheduled for that first interview and fill your openings!  Contact us today to learn more about how we can get more interviews scheduled for you with a demonstration and free two week trial.
Certified Personnel Consultants Through the National Association of Personnel Services.